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How might you be doing tonight

I am doing quite fine and dandy. How about you?


OMG…. he is like the perfect man for me, super cute, soft and tender, He has a beard and tattoes, besides he has style and body hair… absolutly my kind <3



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Raphael’s Madonna with Child

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Larry Bourgeois

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Why Will and Jada will always trump Jay and Bey

He makes her look so light

they aint fuckin wit KimYe tho

Nah son they shitting on every colored celebrity couple off of children, success, and longevity alone.

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Romance is about the possibility…

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Found these sweet phone wallpapers the other day!

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These days our city has faced her darkest time.

It is very hard. We only got umbrellas with our hands, a pair of laboratory goggles, and a raincoat. But our police, has pepper spray,tear gas and some more weapons towards us.

But we will not be afraid and we’re not gonna stop our step to go further.

The light of hope will never dim.

I am so proud to be a hongkonger.

God bless my city, god bless hong kong.

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